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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Red vs Blue Debate

The news here in the good ole USA is filled with stories about Democrats and Republicans battling it out on several fronts.  Nothing unusual, nothing extraordinary, except for my perception on how the Republicans are handling their control of the House, and their large minority in the Senate.  It seems to me, that they aren't so much focused on making things better for this country, then they are of making sure one man doesn't get reelected.  The great strategy to see that Obama doesn't get reelected is to simply just deny him any legislature.  Not only deny him legislature, but to offer legislature of their own that is so absurd in what it does, that the President would have no option other than to veto the bill.

See their strategy isn't to fix the country, because if things get better than Obama looks as if he's doing a good job.  They are banking on the fact that people are ignorant of the news, and most of Americans are. It only takes a quick peak through independent news sources to see that by blocking and killing off legislation is all the Republicans have managed to do since they've gotten into power.  Yet, they will be the first to point out that things aren't getting any better.  Economy in the toilet; Obama's fault. War in Afghanistan; Obama's Fault.  See the strategy isn't to help further the country, it's to demonize one man so that people will vote against him.

The Republicans learned in the 90's with Clinton, that if they work with a Democratic president and things get better, it's hard to remove that president from power.  They aren't ready to make that same mistake again.  Jim Boehner after the Republicans one the majority in the House, stated that the goal was to get Obama out of office.  That's it in a nutshell they want full control.  So to do the Democrats, but the absolutely disgraceful tactics of blocking any legislation that doesn't completely fulfill their own goals is absurd.

The Democrats are in reality no better, however I am a bit biased in their direction.  They to have used similar tactics, and have as well been known to push any issue onto the other side, but I just find them to be willing to work a little more with the other side.  I'll even go so far as to say, that when they had the huge majorities after the 2008 election and before the midterms that I wanted to see them throw their weight around.  The Republicans would have had all their legislation through if they had the majority the Democrats did, and sadly the Democrats were too worried about image over substance.

It's a sad state of affairs when the elected officials in this country are more concerned with keeping power, then they are with fixing what's broken.  As to what's broken; just about anything you can think of in this country.  Poor tax coding that benefits the few rather than the many.  High cost for health care, and the lack of a real public option.  A social security system that is anemic and slowly killing itself from within.  Loop holes that make it cheaper for companies to export manufacturing jobs overseas.  And the systemic destruction of the public sector in which to help run all the various services that governments are tasked with doing.

The problems are large, and the solutions given by our elected officials are slim and only casually deal with the issues. If this country is to succeed, then we need leadership that is truly capable of looking to the other side of the aisle and having a legitimate conversation.  I for one am tired of the same old debate, and am ready for some real change.  I'm tired of being told that we the people will be given the help we need, only to see that helping us is to cut spending on education and the public sector.  This country is in serious need of a wake up call for who this country is for, before the labor force is nothing more than a statistic on a spread sheet.

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